Among The Italian Greats

We admit we love Italian music and we love our Italian artists. We love to sing....but we're not great singers like our favorites Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. So our "claim to fame" is through our coffee and our loyal customers. We like to thank the following media publications and, of course, our fans for giving us such great reviews.

Selected Articles

Montecristo Magazine

Cafe Calabria Still Has Its Magic

The Vancouver Sun

Vancouver is the best place in the world for anyone with an adventurous appetite.

On The Curve

Romancing The Bean?
There has never been a man more passionate about the bean than Frank Murdocco, the coffee genius of Vancouver.

The Vancouver Sun

City's Oldest Coffee Shop Tastes Like Italy
A sign on the brick wall proclaims "A Touch of Italy"...

The Vancouver Sun

Elegant, funky, or gourmet -- city's coffee shops...
Commercial Drive is the coffee capital of Canada.

The Globe & Mail

Lusting for Latte in Lotusland
Specialty coffees seem to hold a particular allure for the folks in B.C.

The Essential Vancouver

Coffee clan:
Cafe Calabria owner Francesco Murdocco (middle) take a break with his sons...

The Vancouver Sun

Nancy Richler's Gift
Nancy Richler works at her favourite table at the Calabria Bar on Commercial Drive.

Best Choice Food Magazine

Translation required.

Cafe Calabria Featured In:

Enroute - Oct 2012
Montecristo - Spring 2009
The Province - 2008
Best Choice Food Mag. - July 2007
The Vancouver Sun - July 2006
Vancouver Courier - Aug 2005
Ming Pao Magazine - 2005
Japanese Magazine - 2003
The Vancouver Sun - May 2002
The Globe & Mail - Jan 2002
The Boston Globe - May 2002
The Vancouver Sun - Aug 2002
The Essential Vancouver - 2001
Where Vancouver - 2000
Orange County Register - 2000
The Province - Sept 2000
Korean Newspaper - 1999
The Westender - Aug 1997
The Globe & Mail - 1993