Top 4 Family Commandments:
  1. Thou shalt have no other God, but remember who's boss
  2. Thou shalt drink no other coffee
  3. Thou shalt not say any customers' name in vain
  4. Honour the coffee machines

Founded in 1976

The fruit of a dream of early youth; a vision brought from Calabria by Francesco Murdocco; given life here in Vancouver's "Little Italy", Caffe Calabria is the oldest Italian coffee house in Vancouver. The result of Don Francesco's search for excellence, through hard work, dedication, and as life permitted, the collaborative endeavours of three good sons: Nick, Vince, and Frank Jr.

We Murdoccos believe that there are five determinants of what defines a good coffee house. We call them the 5 M's:
  • Murdocco -- our proud name.
  • Mano -- our experienced hands.
  • Machina -- the best Italian coffee machines.
  • Macinino -- the best Italian coffee grinders.
  • Miscella -- our famous blend.
In an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness, we strive to give our customers the best experience by appealing to all of their senses. Reproductions of Roman statues and of the Cistine Chapel's ceiling lend grace to the decor. The mixed aroma of espresso, gelato, and paninis are comforting and enticing. Finally the taste of our rich coffee blend ties all the senses together. Come and pay us a visit, we look forward to serving you.